Architectural Structure: Pavilion of Hungary

Name: Pavilion of Hungary
Alternative Names: Padiglione dell'Ungheria
Description: Named “King’s Attila Tent-Palace,” the Hungarian Pavilion was unanimously considered the “Pearl of the Exposition” and praised for its ability to evoke a sense of motion in a perfectly geometric structure. The designers’ aim was to give visual expression to the power of the Hungarian military tradition, underscore its relevance to the present, and celebrate the strong and determinate nature of the Hungarian nation and its people. Made of wood, the Pavilion of Hungary combined the Romantic vision of the Tent-Palace of the ancient king Attila with the Modernist inspiration of its stern cubic blocks. Harmoniously fused in the pavilion, Romantic echoes and Modernist traits are the defining elements of Hungarian functionalism. The building is a mirror of the lively social and cultural situation of the Hungarian nation, and particularly Budapest, during the first decade of the twentieth century.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: 6000 square meters
Style: National Romanticism
Places:  Magyar Köztársaság (Republic of Hungary)
People:  Györgyi, Dénes
 Kós, Károly
 Lajta, Bela
 Lechner, Ödön
 Medgyaszay, Istvan
 Pogány, Maurice
Tory, E.
Postcards: Padiglione dell'Ungheria | Pavilion of Hungary
Padiglione dell'Ungheria | Pavilion of Hungary
Palazzo dell'Ungheria all'Esposizione di Torino 1911 | Pavilion of Hungary
Padiglione dell'Ungheria | Pavilion of Hungary
Padiglione dell'Ungheria dal Po | Pavilion of Hungary
Padiglione dell'Ungheria | Pavilion of Hungary
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Esterno del Padiglione Ungherese | Exterior of the Hungarian Pavilion
Interno del Padiglione Ungherese | Interior of the Pavilion of Hungary
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