Architectural Structure: Modern City

Palazzo della Città' Moderna (?)
Name: Modern City
Alternative Names: Mostra della Citta' Moderna
Description: The Palazzo della Citta' Moderna was a small building connected to the imposing Pavilion of Arts Applied to Industry on the left bank of the river Po. It covered an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, and featured a series of allegorical statues on its facade. According to the CTI guide and the "Giornale illustrato," this Exhibit attracted the attention of visitors interested in social dynamics and urban issues. The rooms dedicated to this exhibit featured a chronological journey from ancient agglomerations to modern metropolises. The thematic displays included "education," "public services," "public health," "urban renovation," among others.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: Uncertain
Style: Turinese baroque (revival)
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