Architectural Structure: Royal Navy

R. Marina
Name: Royal Navy
Alternative Names: Regia Marina
Description: This pavilion was devoted to the history of marine warfare, and was formed by galleries adapted from a pre-existing construction, which hosted the first Gymnasium that existed on Italy, founded in 1844, under the patronage of Carlo Alberto. This Pavilion included exhibits of model warships, nautical equipment and weaponry, and of all the various things that are found on board a ship from provisions to medications. The most admired object displayed was a huge cannon weighing 56 tons.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: 4,000 square meters
Style: Turinese Baroque (revival)
Guides: Torino Esposizione 1911: Monografia Illustrata edita della Direzione Generale del Touring Club Italiano | Turin Exposition 1911