Architectural Structure: Pavilion of the Republic of Argentina

Album of Popular Illustration
Name: Pavilion of the Republic of Argentina
Description: According to the CTI guide, "the Americas could not respond with greater impulse, nor in a more majestic way, to the invitation extended to the entire world from Italy for this celebration of work. The Republic of Argentina, the entire of Latin America, Brazil and the United States, wave their glorious standards along the right bank of the Po. It is composed of central body with two large lateral halls. From the corners of the central wing, of a square layout, four turrets, in the form of pinnacles, rise with colored balls above them. On the four corners of the pavilion, there are as many risalits with arched windows and skylights. The central attic is artistically decorated by groups of statues and its 23 meters high from the ground, while the turrets reach a maximum height of 35 meters. "
Construction: 1910-1911
Style: 60m x 25 m x 23m
Places: Argentina
People:  Buzzi Reschini, Giacomo
 Le Wacher, Roland
Magazines: Album dell'Illustrazione Popolare | Album of Popolar Illustration
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